Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Fun in the Land of the Seminoles

Just when I think I've heard enough people blathering on...

Here in Tallahassee, the recent stir over the FSU mascot, the Seminoles, has every sports enthusiast in a high rollin' boil. Seems the NCAA has decided the depiction is demeaning to the tribe, though their leaders have been okay with it for YEARS. put me to thinking. Dangerous, I realize. New mascot possibilities.

My vote goes to the FSU Rednecks. Travel with me, if you will, to the pre-kick-off hoopla. To the WHOO-EEE chant from the crowd, a beat-up wreck of a car comes roaring onto the field, slinging clots of grass in its exhaust-smoke wake. The car screeches to a halt, a six-pack of Bud is tossed into the middle of the field, then they roar off, sending the cheerleaders (dressed in Daisy Duke fashion) flying in every direction.
Rousing way to start a game? You dang straight.

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