Tuesday, August 29, 2006

How funny is that!!??

Prompted by an email from a friend, I googled my name plus the word "needs". One of the results led me to a blog from another female with my first name, from the south. This is odd because I have an unusual first name and have met no other females who share it. Her cat even resembled mine! How bizzare is life?

Also, she is a Clemson fan and I am an FSU Seminole. I was impressed with Clemson fans when we visited their stadium for a game a few years back.

So, here's to synchronicity, or whatever the heck...

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hey, I have cat eyes!

I just had my yearly eye exam. Not nearly as much fun as a physical, but more interesting. My pupils are still dialated! Nothing like stepping out into the glaring Florida midday sun and groping my way to the car. Even with dark sunglasses, I had to squint to see the road. I spent the entire trip home hoping I wouldn't do anything stupid and get pulled over. One look at my eyes and I might have been mistaken for someone who, as one of my friends puts it, was "on the dope". Jeez...

What we do all go through to stay healthy.