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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hey, I have cat eyes!

I just had my yearly eye exam. Not nearly as much fun as a physical, but more interesting. My pupils are still dialated! Nothing like stepping out into the glaring Florida midday sun and groping my way to the car. Even with dark sunglasses, I had to squint to see the road. I spent the entire trip home hoping I wouldn't do anything stupid and get pulled over. One look at my eyes and I might have been mistaken for someone who, as one of my friends puts it, was "on the dope". Jeez...

What we do all go through to stay healthy.

1 comment:

JoElle said...

Glad I was safe on this side of the country!

Hope your eyes are back to normal human. I've never had that done. But seen seen it done to others.

There are more fun ways to spend a few hours.

~ forest elf ~