Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Muses Run Wild!

My muses came back from a much-needed, well-deserved holiday. Where do they vacation, you think? Aruba? China? The Moon?


My third novel, slated for release in the late Fall -- "Your Mama's Comfort Food" -- has really gotten them stirred. Seems, I am to accomplish much with this novel.

The main character is a breast cancer patient, a prodigal daughter who returns home to face her medical challenges and the total mess she has made of her life.

I plan to designate a portion of what I make on this novel to breast cancer prevention/awareness/ treatment. But, the muses have other plans, as well.
To carry out their intentions, I must learn how to build and maintain a website.

So...if you see a large puff of smoke coming from North Florida, don't assume it's a brush fire. It will be my brain.

Love you all of you out there, especially ones who are facing health concerns.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Equal Parts Depression and Impression

Just back in from the First Coast Writers' Festival in Jacksonville, Florida.

Had a marvelous time. Met all kinds of kindred spirits.

But, I have to say, these conferences always leave me a bit down as well as inspired. All the nay-sayers talk of how writers are up against unsurmountable odds, first to BE published, then to spread your work into the world. Seems there are many obstacles to those of us who come in through small, independent presses without benefit of famous relatives to jump-start our careers.

One thing about me. If you tell me how difficult something is -- how I will fall short -- I will hairlip Hades trying to make you wrong!

Hah! Take that!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Lamenting the return of Summer

It was nearly ninety today. Heaven help us.

One thing about living in the don't have to worry about any season -- other than summer -- lasting too long.

The humidity will start up soon, too. It's enough to take the curl from my hair. Funny, really, since it takes twenty minutes with a curling iron and a half of a can of ultra-hold spray to achieve such.

The six months of summer loom.