Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Muses Run Wild!

My muses came back from a much-needed, well-deserved holiday. Where do they vacation, you think? Aruba? China? The Moon?


My third novel, slated for release in the late Fall -- "Your Mama's Comfort Food" -- has really gotten them stirred. Seems, I am to accomplish much with this novel.

The main character is a breast cancer patient, a prodigal daughter who returns home to face her medical challenges and the total mess she has made of her life.

I plan to designate a portion of what I make on this novel to breast cancer prevention/awareness/ treatment. But, the muses have other plans, as well.
To carry out their intentions, I must learn how to build and maintain a website.

So...if you see a large puff of smoke coming from North Florida, don't assume it's a brush fire. It will be my brain.

Love you all of you out there, especially ones who are facing health concerns.

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Jana J. Hanson said...

I know HTML, if you need some help!! Good luck!!!