Friday, November 17, 2006

Being neurotic helps...

I hit the 30 K mark in the NaNo competiton today. Only 20,000 more words to go!

I find it helps to have an unnerving day. I came home and dashed off a cool three thousand in a flash. Love it.

Must say, this quick way of getting words on paper is fun. My internal editor is so fed-up with me, she may never come back from Tahiti.

Good riddance, perhaps?

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Trying something new!

To jumpstart my next novel, I am signing up for NaNo, the national novel writing contest. The object is to write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November. A number of my writer buddies are doing it, too. Should be fun.

My novels are usually longer -- from 80,000 to 90,000 words. I may not complete the first draft in the time allowed, but I can give it a heck of a try.

The hard part will be turning off my internal editor. To get this many words down on paper, I can not stop to tweat and toil along the way.

I have already started to work on some character sheets -- outlines of characters in the book. By the time I start to write, they will seem like flesh and blood. I suppose that's the point.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

How funny is that!!??

Prompted by an email from a friend, I googled my name plus the word "needs". One of the results led me to a blog from another female with my first name, from the south. This is odd because I have an unusual first name and have met no other females who share it. Her cat even resembled mine! How bizzare is life?

Also, she is a Clemson fan and I am an FSU Seminole. I was impressed with Clemson fans when we visited their stadium for a game a few years back.

So, here's to synchronicity, or whatever the heck...

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hey, I have cat eyes!

I just had my yearly eye exam. Not nearly as much fun as a physical, but more interesting. My pupils are still dialated! Nothing like stepping out into the glaring Florida midday sun and groping my way to the car. Even with dark sunglasses, I had to squint to see the road. I spent the entire trip home hoping I wouldn't do anything stupid and get pulled over. One look at my eyes and I might have been mistaken for someone who, as one of my friends puts it, was "on the dope". Jeez...

What we do all go through to stay healthy.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Another Southern Trait

Ever notice -- when Southerners want to emphasize a thing, they repeat it?


A shirt is not just white, it is white-white.

A couple of days off is a vacation, a week off with a great destination is a vacation-vacation.

Painfully childlike behavior from an adult is not just childish, it is juvenile, juvenile, juvenile.

Once I started to notice this, I heard it often. And, it never ceases to make me smile!

Friday, June 23, 2006

And all this time, I thought I was French...

I sit in a corner, sipping a sudsy green beer, pondering the meaning of ancestry. A server brings a platter of crispy-fried potatoes. Life is good.

The thing about life -- it is full of surprises. (I know it's a cliche', but it works.)

Last weekend, I visited my long-lost first cousin. We had a blast reconnecting after years apart. No reason for the distance. No big family falling out. Just two folks with busy lives.

What he imparted about our family name has given me reason to celebrate. Turns out, I am from a long line of Irish folks -- not French as I had always been told. Seems, when the family immigrated to the good old U S of A, they capitalized one letter to make the name appear to be other than Irish. Suppose, it was a time when being Irish wasn't desirable.

Now, I understand a number of things. Why I never really cared for heavy French food, but couldn't pass up a spud. Why green is my favorite color. Why bagpipes make me cry. Why seeing pictures of the Irish countryside leave me with a strange homesickness.

So, I owe a pot o' gold to my Cuz. Love you, Mikey!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Hot Weather Forces Author to Edit

All of you who have ever written anything know the appeal of line editing a manuscript. Me, I'd rather have my eyebrows waxed with molten lead than sit down to the necessary job.

The Hades-like heat that has already descended on North Florida. If I go outside for more than a few minutes, I sweat. And, no, I don't glow nicely or get a bit misty, or any of those lovely euphimisms. I was always told that Southern Ladies do not sweat. Well, let me tell you, this one does!

The alternative is sitting at the computer in the pleasant air-conditioned study, forcing myself to drink iced tea with a sprig of mint and edit. Alas.

How many more months until Fall?


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My Purpose has been located!

Today, I met with a group of dedicated women at A Woman's Place here in Tallahassee. This non-profit organization deals with a multitude of women's wellness issues -- you name it, and they are involved.

One of the women showed me the area where breast cancer patients are fitted with bras and prosthetics. I was truely amazed! As she described the joy of witnessing a woman feel whole again for the first time after surgery, tears gathered in her eyes. Another described the many ways the organization takes a woman from diagnosis, through surgery, and afterwards with loving concern, information, and comfort. I was honored to be in the presence of these health workers.

My third novel, Your Mama's Comfort Food, is due for release in the Fall of this year. The main character is a breast cancer patient. I plan to designate a portion of my royalties for this book to A Woman's Place. To start out, my contribution may be small in comparison to others. But, I dream large! Also, the Tallahassee Memorial Foundation has been gracious in agreeing to work with me to help proceeds from a book sale go to women's health issues here in the North Florida Big Bend area.

It is always possible to contribute to large charities. The money spreads out to those in need. But, with the help of my friends at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, I will know that the money stays here in my city.

Friday, May 12, 2006

I did it! I did it! I actually did it!

I feel like a kid again. Funny, how learning new junk can do that to a person.

My eyes are bloodshot. My brain is buzzing. I haven't eaten.

No, I'm not dragging in from an all-nighter.

I've been working on my website for several days -- learning by trial and error. Mostly error.

But, it's up and running. And, I think I'll go have a nice glas of Merlot to celebrate.

Check it out!

Be sure to sign the guest register -- it burned out several brain cells just putting it on the site.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I surprise myself sometimes.

A week ago, when I first tore into my new software, I couldn't imagine I could actually design a website ( I call it that, loosely -- I did use a MS FrontPage template). And, to top it all off -- I still have half a brain left!

Check it out:

One day, I will learn to design my own from scratch. For now, I am pleased as punch at plugging into the expert's format.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Book Three Well Underway!!

Update on my third novel--

My phenomenal editor at Rabid Press is putting the final red-ink touches on my manuscript. Soon, I will be doing a little nip and tuck to fine-tune. Then, it's off to the typesetters.

No matter how many times this process unfolds, it is always a trip! I bless the universe for allowing me to send my writing out for others to read and, hopefully, enjoy.

Word is: Your Mama's Comfort Food will be released sometime in the fall -- either late October or November.

This is an important book, as I have big plans for it! I will be directing a portion of my proceeds to charity, and using the book to launch a new website for authors.

Details later....

Ig-Mo on Monday Morning

I feel it is my just duty in this life to warn others of stooopid things I have done so that they might avoid the pitfalls.

Be advised: do not use body scrub with shea butter on your hair.

My first clue was when, after several minutes, I discovered I couldn't dry my wet hair, not even with a blow torch. Also, it had a kind of creepy texture.

So, I launched back into the shower to rewash and rewash and rewash. Still, I look a bit like I've pulled an all-weekender, camping without running water. Then, to avoid this issue in the future, I moved the similarly-shaped body wash bottle to another spot in the shower enclosure, far away from the shampoo and conditioner.

Bright side to all of this Monday, half-asleep, mayhem? The shea-buttered hair really holds a curl. And, I do believe this whole wet-hair thing is in.

:) peace.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Muses Run Wild!

My muses came back from a much-needed, well-deserved holiday. Where do they vacation, you think? Aruba? China? The Moon?


My third novel, slated for release in the late Fall -- "Your Mama's Comfort Food" -- has really gotten them stirred. Seems, I am to accomplish much with this novel.

The main character is a breast cancer patient, a prodigal daughter who returns home to face her medical challenges and the total mess she has made of her life.

I plan to designate a portion of what I make on this novel to breast cancer prevention/awareness/ treatment. But, the muses have other plans, as well.
To carry out their intentions, I must learn how to build and maintain a website.

So...if you see a large puff of smoke coming from North Florida, don't assume it's a brush fire. It will be my brain.

Love you all of you out there, especially ones who are facing health concerns.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Equal Parts Depression and Impression

Just back in from the First Coast Writers' Festival in Jacksonville, Florida.

Had a marvelous time. Met all kinds of kindred spirits.

But, I have to say, these conferences always leave me a bit down as well as inspired. All the nay-sayers talk of how writers are up against unsurmountable odds, first to BE published, then to spread your work into the world. Seems there are many obstacles to those of us who come in through small, independent presses without benefit of famous relatives to jump-start our careers.

One thing about me. If you tell me how difficult something is -- how I will fall short -- I will hairlip Hades trying to make you wrong!

Hah! Take that!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Lamenting the return of Summer

It was nearly ninety today. Heaven help us.

One thing about living in the don't have to worry about any season -- other than summer -- lasting too long.

The humidity will start up soon, too. It's enough to take the curl from my hair. Funny, really, since it takes twenty minutes with a curling iron and a half of a can of ultra-hold spray to achieve such.

The six months of summer loom.

Monday, March 06, 2006

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Good thing you can't reach out and slap someone over the Internet. I would deserve it for committing the ultimate sin -- sharing my news of Spring weather with my online chat writer-buddies.

It's been a balmy 70 to 80 degrees here in the panhandle of Florida. Sounds divine, eh?
I felt so much like a schmutz for announcing the fact to folks who shivered through a high in the thirties or, eek, teens.

Okay, all you people in the frigid is my official apology.

Let me also add --

In the middle of our 100% humidity, bug-infested, melt-your-mascara summer, you can take heart that you are sitting on the porch without a fan to stir the temperate air. Write me and brag about it. I promise not to grit my teeth.

Happy early Spring, anyway!!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Do you ever wonder?

Do you ever wonder where all the nutty people come from? I've had one of those weeks where I have bumped into more than the normal share. Not just odd folks. Not just folks with different attitudes. No. These seem to be certifiable.

Now, I am one in favor of counseling and mental health. There are days when, yes, even I feel a bit off. But, at least, I am grounded on THIS PLANET.

Or, perhaps I am the nutty one and they really have a true grip on things. Hmmm....

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Time -- she is a-flying

Holy Cow. Here it is the first of February already. Now I know what my mom means by time passing by in such a blinding push.

The second book is plugging along. I am having a blast going to book club meetings and talking with the readers.

And, what about the Frey-cus? Hmm? At least, I label my books as fiction. :)
I'm sure what they say about even bad press at least being press is true.

I would rather do things the correct way, thank you. Even if it means I'm only outstanding in my own brain!!