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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My Purpose has been located!

Today, I met with a group of dedicated women at A Woman's Place here in Tallahassee. This non-profit organization deals with a multitude of women's wellness issues -- you name it, and they are involved.

One of the women showed me the area where breast cancer patients are fitted with bras and prosthetics. I was truely amazed! As she described the joy of witnessing a woman feel whole again for the first time after surgery, tears gathered in her eyes. Another described the many ways the organization takes a woman from diagnosis, through surgery, and afterwards with loving concern, information, and comfort. I was honored to be in the presence of these health workers.

My third novel, Your Mama's Comfort Food, is due for release in the Fall of this year. The main character is a breast cancer patient. I plan to designate a portion of my royalties for this book to A Woman's Place. To start out, my contribution may be small in comparison to others. But, I dream large! Also, the Tallahassee Memorial Foundation has been gracious in agreeing to work with me to help proceeds from a book sale go to women's health issues here in the North Florida Big Bend area.

It is always possible to contribute to large charities. The money spreads out to those in need. But, with the help of my friends at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, I will know that the money stays here in my city.

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